Now is the Time to Give Thanks


Originally, I was planning to write a blog about toy industry marketing, and then as I sat down to write it, unrest happened in St. Louis. I heard news reports about retail stores being looted and burned. I reflected on how hard these business owners have worked to maintain and grow their companies. I thought about how their livelihood has been potentially taken away. As a fellow business owner, I encourage these folks to not lose their dreams and push through these challenges.

Witnessing this, I took pause, stepped back and took some time to give thanks.

Our past year at Kolbeco has been filled with many positive things. I am thankful for our team that works so diligently on client’s projects. We have helped clients grow their businesses and better position their organizations. Our team works tireless hours and for that I am thankful. And, to our clients, I am thankful as well.

I am thankful for the opportunity our company has to give back to so many worthy community-based organizations over the past year. We donated our professional services and spirits to feed and educate kids in Honduras and sustain animal rescues. We have helped kids have access to all-inclusive playgrounds. We have helped fight MS. For all those opportunities over the past year, I am thankful.

Also, Kolbeco’s friends and family have been a great support mechanism for which we all so grateful. I appreciate everyone support as Kolbeco grows and enters into new services and the support in my own personal journeys.

I encourage everyone to take stock of what they have and remain thankful.


photo credit: Carol Browne via photopin cc

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