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Moving Past the Three Most Common Barriers to Accomplishing Your Goals

In today’s fast paced and connected world, it has become easy for people to get distracted and give up on their dreams. We all face those moments. When was the last time you had a dream or a vision for something you wanted to accomplish? At the time, chances are you truly believed you had…
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I Don’t Feel Sorry For You.

Hello all. I’ll tell you now this blog post is going to be somewhat non-traditional in the sense of I’m not going to talk about a design topic.  But instead, I’m going to talk about something that I’ve been thinking a lot about. Something that I’ve learned a lot more about as of recently. Something…
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Multi-tasking, strength or weakness?

I can remember being in a job interview and the question is asked… “What do you consider to be your strengths?” At the time, I had always prided myself in a particular strength, one that I always felt had a lot of value in an organization, and made me more efficient in my work. My…
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Love or Fear – Which will drive your marketing?

My good friend Judy Ryan likes to say that all human actions, feelings, and reactions are driven by two things, and two things alone – love and fear. When you’re in a state of love, you’re willing to be open, accepting, transparent, and vulnerable.  When in fear, you’re guarded, limited, and seek protection at all…
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Buzzword hypnosis: Getting lost in the words

Ever experience a sales pitch designed to generate excitement and intimidation at the same time…you know with lots of buzzwords and ambiguous promises? Much like this: “Let me tell you what we can do for your business…By leveraging our platform we will create a synergy for onboarding without disrupting the ecosystem. Of course, we will…
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In Life, and Business, It’s All About the Shine

My office mates quickly discovered something about me in my first days here. I’m a car guy. A self-confessed addict. A junkie. In particular, I’m a fan of German cars and I love watching endurance sports car racing. I do a little competing myself on occasion, in form of indoor kart racing. What I learned…
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Celebrating the Summit

Those who know me well know I like to do things outside. I enjoy nature and taking on challenges, but also embrace the journey and the opportunity to celebrate the successes big and small that lead to the overall accomplishment. As I pondered this passion, I considered what this means for business and all those…
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Now is the Time to Give Thanks

Our past year at KolbeCo has been filled with many positive things. I am thankful for our team that works so diligently on client’s projects. We have helped clients grow their businesses and better position their organizations. Our team works tireless hours and for that I am thankful. And, to our clients, I am thankful as well.