In Life, and Business, It’s All About the Shine

My office mates quickly discovered something about me in my first days here. I’m a car guy. A self-confessed addict. A junkie. In particular, I’m a fan of German cars and I love watching endurance sports car racing. I do a little competing myself on occasion, in form of indoor kart racing.

What I learned early on about the team here at Kolbeco, is our admirable mission: be a catalyst for confidence and shine. It’s about bringing out the best in our clients and making them shine like a beacon to the world. Brightly. Confidently. Like never before.

Something special happens when you shine, both in your professional life and in your personal life. Your mind is clear, you hold your head up high and you walk with an extra spring in your step. You get bold and sport a swagger.

And the Kolbeco mission doesn’t just apply to our clients. We’re learning to embrace it internally as a team. Confidence and shine are a catalyst themselves for exploring new ideas and launching new endeavors. It’s amazing what can happen when you’re not afraid to fail.

Shine happened for me when Lauren Kolbe captured, so precisely, my own essence and wrote my bio. I was proud. I beamed. I shared it with friends over dinner that weekend. I felt like a winner and it re-fired my passion to help others win. That’s what happens when you build a culture like the one emerging here at Kolbeco.

I have an old(ish) BMW M3 I play with. I like to make it shine. It happens in lots of ways. Like when I spend a warm Saturday giving it some TLC in the form of cleaning and detailing. After a session with clay bar and wax I run my hand across the surface and marvel at the buttery smooth feel. I love that kind of shine.

And so it is with shine in business. It happens in different forms, but I’m thrilled with the prospect of being that catalyst myself to help my clients and teammates be confident and shine.

Yep, it’s all about the shine.

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