Workplace Culture: Positive Energy is Contagious

Work place environments have long been the topic of conversation at the dinner table, and in corner taverns, for generations. The repercussions of the once popular “do as you are told” model wreaked havoc on thousands of workers for longer than I care to investigate, and many companies, like Kolbeco, have chosen to really dig into creating a workplace culture and work environment that not only breeds success, but employs happy people.

One of the ways we accomplish this is through our values of:

  • Be Cause Oriented
  • Be an Explorer
  • Be United
  • Be an Ambassador

These values inspire us to remember the purpose of what we’re doing, and lead with teamwork. They also encourage us to embrace positive intent and support each other through times of challenge so as to avoid going down a rabbit hole of despair and negativity.

The Transfer of Energy in Workplace Culture

As you may have learned in high school science class, energy is transferrable, moving from one object to another through a reaction like heat, light, or work. So what does that mean for relationships in the workplace? Consider this article:

“Science Has Officially Confirmed That People Can Absorb Energy From Others“

I kid you not. And while I personally don’t necessarily think we need a study to prove it, this article supports the theory of energy absorption in plants and humans.

“Wow Erin, thank you for this life-altering information”, you snicker. “Exactly why is this important to me and my staff?”

Well, according to this article our bodies are always absorbing whatever is happening in the environment around us whether we like it or not. So if your team is absorbing happiness in the air, it means that in fact they can also be affected by a negative vibe as well. How many times have you started the day in a great mood, only to be squashed by a friend, relative, or co-worker’s melancholy or angry mood? Or subsequently, when have you started out in a not-so-great mood only to be elevated by someone’s cheerfulness or positive state of mind?

And if science isn’t your thing, well the Forbes might be. They agree that promoting employee happiness benefits everyone. Teams are more productive, employees are more engaged, and yes, even sales and profitability goes up.

But alas, many people are tempted to go down that rabbit hole of negativity, especially when surrounded by naysayers and Debbie Downers. Just as the article said, those folks can suck you right down with them if you’re not careful! So by way of promoting the idea of absorbing positive energy in your life and workplace, the following tips are presented to help you bypass the negative and get back on the positive include:

  • Engage with happy people – you’ll absorb that happiness.
  • Find your purpose – when purpose is present, it’s easier to weather challenges you may face.
  • Foster meaningful relationships at work – your more productive when working with friends you enjoy being with.
  • Be responsible for your happiness – put meaningful processes in place to invest in your happiness. Perhaps it’s meditating, listening to your favorite song, or reading an inspirational piece. You control your outlook.

And a happy workplace culture doesn’t just mean people being in a good mood. It goes even deeper, because happy people mean higher engagement, impactive work, creativity, productivity and longevity. And happiness is, indeed, contagious. It’s a scientific fact! Just ask one of us.