Automation is King

I will bet there are times throughout the course of your day that you are faced with a process and you think, “There must be a way to make this easier or more efficient.”   Sometimes it is quicker to just create a form document or a spreadsheet, but do these solutions create efficiencies or even enhance the process?

These manual or paper-based processes can take more time and often create additional problems that need to be solved, like storage and sharing of the information.  Creating an online solution helps to elevate these because it is digital from the beginning.

Think about things that you may handle and manage on a daily basis: employment applications, purchase order systems, specialized tracking and reporting.  You may have looked for an out-of-the-box solution that may have not quite fit your needs or that was way out of your price range and too complex to implement.

Here’s where your website can come in.

Websites today are open to, and well suited for, the implementation of a variety of automation tools. As a WordPress development firm, we’ve helped clients solve a number of automation problems with various tools and custom applications to manage their pain points, and take a manual process into the 21st Century world of automation. We can also build in integration with many third-party applications to offer you, your team and even your clients a seamless experience.

There are many needs we can address with automation, including:

  • Expense Report submission
  • Employment Application
  • Online Payment solutions
  • Employee Intranet – sharing information and important documents
    • Process and SOP documents
    • Employment Documents
    • Links to other software
    • Timesheet entry
  • Online Voucher/Certificates
  • And more…

Case in Point.

We recently helped a client develop a solution to manage account transaction requests.  They were seeking a better way to add, update and change location-specific accounts within their system, a process which had involved paper forms scanned and transmitted by email. With the volume of business increasing, it was becoming more and more difficult to manually manage the process. Not to mention the man hours that were being spent filling out forms, scanning and emailing them.

We identified that we could automate the process through their website by creating an online form built with conditional logic and required fields. Once submitted, data is populated into a tracking area on the backend of the website, with documentation sent to an online, organized file storage area, removing the need for onsite storage. Once processed, the form is marked as approved and complete.

Automation of this process saves many hours of manual data entry and tracking each week, eliminates duplicate entries, avoids potential loss of billings and revenue, and streamlines communication. It’s an all-around win for the client.

Tell us your story.

What are some pain points in your business? Do you struggle with any of the above areas? Automation can help! You’ll be more productive, save time, and make your life simpler. Let us help you create a solution to achieve it.