4 Questions Before you Spend Five Bucks

How to Effectively use Promoted Posts on Facebook

As the resident social media dude, it is my responsibility to devise social strategies that will spark conversations and ignite brands. This is accomplished by carefully examining every aspect of the overall social plan and then determining which tactics might need a separate strategy.

Take Facebook promoted posts, for example. The strategy behind Promoted Posts can’t be: Throw $5 at it and let’s see what happens. There needs to be a method behind the social madness.

Before I promote a post on Facebook, I always ask myself four important questions:

#1 Does the post include a picture? According to Kissmetrics, Facebook posts that include a photo generate 53% more LIKES and 104% more comments than text-based posts. Does this mean every single promoted post should include an image? Yes! Even if you are sharing a link to your blog, it should include an image.

#2 What is the life expectancy of the post? If the topic of the post is very time sensitive, it probably won’t be relevant a few days down the road. Most promoted posts—depending on the budget—will remain promoted for 3 to 5 days.

#3 What is the lasting impact? Does the post have a clear call-to-action? What about a link to your website? It is important that your promoted posts generate more than simply a bunch of post LIKES or comments, but future brand ambassadors.

#4 What is the current engagement level of the post? If the post is already generating engagement within the first few hours of posting, it is generally a good idea to promote that post. There is obviously something about the message that is resonating with your audience, so it is important that you maximize its lifespan.

Like it or not, but Promoted Posts are essential to creating a successful Facebook presence. Don’t believe me? Give ‘em a try and see for yourself.