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5 Reasons Social Media Doesn’t Work for Your Business

Earlier this year, Warner Brothers launched a sequel to their popular 1996 movie Space Jam. Bugs and the usual suspects from the Looney Tunes gang were back, but legendary baller Michael Jordan was replaced by Lebron James and the original bad guy, Mr. Swackhammer, was usurped by a character called Al-G Rhythm, voiced by Don…
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Business Lessons I’ve Learned from Planning my Wedding

Everyone pictures being engaged as Pinterest-perfect. You’re marrying the love of your life, you get to fulfill the dreams and ideas you’ve had since you were a little girl. In reality, I’ve found that planning a wedding often feels like running a business, and that requires budgeting, delegating tasks, and even legal processes as you…
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Your Website is Launched! Now What?

Launching a shiny new website is an exciting time. You may think once that is done just sit back and watch the web traffic roll in, right? Well, that’s not going to happen, not at least until you get local search engines to help you, as you would most definitely need quality vendors to help…
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Kolbeco’s Top Blogs of 2015

As we prepare to flip the calendar to January and the start of a new year, we take a look back at our most popular blogs of 2015. Create raving fans for your brand Brand ambassadors and advocates are the biggest cheerleaders for your business, and will scream from the rooftops how much they love…
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Transform Your Office into a Den of Creativity for $200 (or Less)

Every child is an artist, singer, painter or dancer. Before they reach 8 years old, many describe their top passions with some form of creative expression. Of course these are not delusions of grandeur. These people, though they may be young, are generally packed with an unashamed passion for art and creativity. Oddly, when these…
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Top 5 Marketing Pet Peeves

It was a great product. I had used it for years. It kept my crazy hair smooth and smelled good too. At the store, I always knew where my beloved big orange bottle of shampoo would be. Then one day, the unthinkable happened. They changed the packaging! I knew the brand, but didn’t know what…
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BOOK REVIEW: 4 Pieces of Wisdom from Happywork by Chris Reimer

Before I begin, a disclaimer: 1. Chris Reimer is a friend of mine, and if that did influence this review, it was only in that I can be more straightforward. 2. I have not a great deal of affection for business parable books – prone to whimsical characters and poor dialog. I usually find them…
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The Kolbeco Worst Picture Nominations

At KolbeCo, we are big fans of movies. It’s embarrassing how many times we quote our favorite movies during meetings. However, we can be tough critics as well. Indeed, some of America’s most beloved classics aren’t our favorite movies. This year, we decided to take a Festivus approach to these movies and air our grievances against Hollywood.

Vanilla Ice: Elevator Speech Expert

The three steps to more effective networking come from none other than Vanilla Ice: Stop. Collaborate and listen.

For All Who Said They Were Gonna Be “Facebook Free in 2015” (And Failed – Publicly)

Facebook can be a great place to catch up with friends and share news about your life. Before you take that Facebook vacation (that will never really happen), think about how you use Facebook and what you look to get out of it. If you’re not happy with what you see, change it.