Case Study: Krilogy Financial

About Krilogy Financial

In 2009, a young advisor set out to establish a wealth management firm that was based on teamwork and led by the values of Dedicated, Abundant Leadership. It would be a future focused firm, where steady energy would drive accomplishment. That firm became Krilogy Financial, one of the fastest growing financial firms in St. Louis, and the entire United States.

Marketing Challenge

Founder Kent Skornia knew he wanted to create a brand that told the story of how the firm operated, and created a rallying cry that team members and clients would want to be a part of. The brand would build the foundation for demonstrating the uniqueness of the firm and create a memorable connection for those experiencing it.

Strategic Solution

Kolbeco held a discovery session with Skornia where we determined that the firm stood for:

  • Positive, steady energy focused on getting things done
  • Focus on a team approach with many areas of specialized knowledge
  • Balanced approach

Three families of names based on these principles were presented to the client, and it was determined that we would focus on the accomplishment that results from steady energy. The name chosen, Krilogy, is based on the Sanskrit word “kri, for “to make” or “to do, married with “logy” which is the study and practice of. The brand story became:

Krilogy is the practice of accomplishing great things, progress, and actions for our clients. Think of your money, your future and your financial plan. You want action and energy placed towards ensuring your financial future, and achieving the goals you’ve set forth for you and your family. But that action doesn’t happen in quick, unplanned bursts of energy. It’s a steady energy focused towards a long term plan. It’s communication and relationship to make that collective energy work together, every move designed to move forward. Each move an accomplishment in and of itself. Each move placing you closer to the financial future you’ve worked so hard for. The art of this accomplishment – of your accomplishment – is Krilogy Financial.

Kolbeco went on to develop the graphic representation of the brand, creating a visual that would convey motion, show energy, and represent the marriage of the young advisors Krilogy was attracting with the more seasoned advisors who would become their mentors. The colorful burst of orange, along with the icon created, demonstrate this energy while the clean, modern font in traditional blue provide balance.

Kolbeco has also created the firm’s corporate brochure, quarterly newsletter, website and content strategy to expand on the brand story, demonstrate the Krilogy difference, and highlighting the firm’s expertise which leads them to the Art of Accomplishment.