Case Study: Missouri Weinstrasse

The problem:

When it comes to wine-growing and wine-road experiences, the Missouri Weinstrasse has bene doing things the old fashioned way for years. The four wineries of Augusta Winery, Balducci Vineyards, Montella Winery and Sugar Creek Winery still grow and produce award-winning wines from the grapes grown on their respective properties – just like the original German settlers. But with more wineries entering the business right around the same area, the Missouri Weinstrasse needed to find a way to separate their story from the crowd. What they needed was a unifying story as well as some ways to get their wines tasted by the St. Louis area enthusiasts.

The solution:

As usual, great things happen when the story is bigger than just making a company more successful. By focusing on the journey of America’s first wine road and selflessly promoting a region, the Weinstrasse was able to create a compelling movement behind their brand. We unified their feelings with a new brand logo, keywords and website presence. Also, several events, including a scavenger hunt, wine and jazz festival and holiday sip and shop allowed even the most cynical of wine drinker to re-experience the product through the brand story – drinking in the simple life.

Today, the brand is recognized better than ever among the craft food and locavore-minded diners out for a unique experience in their own backyard.