Climbing The Fiscal Cliff

If you turn on the news these days, the Fiscal Cliff seems to be on everyone’s mind. So, what does that mean to your marketing? On one hand not much on the other hand maybe quite a lot. The reality of the situation is you need to look at your overall marketing strategy and reaffirm that you have a good plan that still makes sense. If it doesn’t, then you probably ought to assess you planning process.

The answer is easy, keep following the plan, but also analyze if the “Fiscal Cliff” creates an opportunity for your business. The big question is: what is that opportunity. Change = Opportunity.

The other thing to consider with change is it creates opportunity. So think about that emotion when designing your marketing campaign and think of the emotion you are trying to tap into. And guess what? You may just grow your market share when the message is that the business outlook is bad.

The key to marketing is that you can’t turn it on and off. Consumers don’t care about economic cycles; they need a continual connection to your brand, not when it is convenient connection to your brand. But you still need to be in tune with what is going on in the world.

If you already work with government organizations, now may be the time to reassess how you communicate your value proposition to your customers. What made sense last year may no longer make sense next year.

So quit worrying about the Fiscal Cliff and start looking at the opportunity ahead and start climbing the cliff. Remember the view at the top of the cliff is much better than being at the bottom of the cliff.