Death of a LIKE salesman

Last week Facebook announced that they would be taking a stand against fake people. No, they aren’t going after your girlfriend/boyfriend for refusing to make your relationship Facebook Official. They are targeting online-based companies who sell Facebook LIKES.

This comes after years of complaints from businesses who have grown their fan-base organically only to be over thrown by a competitor who used a bunch of fraudulent profiles to LIKE their page. While this problem isn’t new, Facebook has finally taken the time to address it and come up with a viable solution.

Facebook will now delete LIKES from business profiles that are determined to be from fake profiles. While this will only impact on average less than 1% of most pages’ fan total it could dramatically affect any business that purchased LIKES in the past.

I hope this will end the ongoing practice of buying LIKES and will encourage businesses to engage with their target and create a conversation around their brand. The more people are talking about a brand the larger its reach will be. Padding LIKE figures with fake accounts and bots may increase overall fan totals, but I can promise you it won’t increase another aspect of the business… SALES!

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