Kolbeco RAPIDFIRE: Erin Celuch

In our second edition of Kolbeco RAPIDFIRE, we did something a little different. We filmed a little video to introduce you to another special Kolbeco employee.

To celebrate Erin Celuch’s 10 years at Kolbeco, we sat down for a little chat to get to know our colorful, sarcastic, talented, magical and wonderfully witty art director. If you haven’t met Erin, you will certainly want to after this video. She makes our lives a little more exciting and fun. If you need a laugh, stop by her office and within minutes you’ll be in stitches. Need a little love and cuddles? She has an office full of cute dogs that will bring you joy and slobber. She’s our favorite oddball.

And without any further waffling, enjoy our latest RAPIDFIRE (or, not so rapidfire, we like to talk)!

Happy 10 year Kolbeco Anniversary to Erin!

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