Social Media is Like a Puppy

We at Kolbeco are a dog-loving bunch, and as I was reflecting on social media, I started to think about how similar jumping into social media can be to getting a puppy. Think back to when you were six or  seven and you wanted a puppy. What did your parents say? They said that a puppy was a big responsibility and that it wasn’t all fun and games. Well, social media can be similar.

Yes, a puppy is cute, but eventually, it will tinkle on your new fall boots. That isn’t the end of the world – the boots are salvageable, it’s simply all in how you react to the tinkle.

Many companies jump into social media without planning how they will react to the tinkle. I love it when brands interact with me on social media; it encourages me to become a more loyal customer and in some cases can even make me an advocate for them. When I have a good experience with a brand, I want to share it. That is what social media is all about.

What I don’t love is when brands only react to positive comments. Just like the puppy, social media can be a big responsibility. You cannot simply ignore or delete comments you don’t like; learning how to respond and shape the conversation through your postings and comments is a responsibility.

If you need help dealing with the tinkle, drop us a line. We’re pros.