What it Takes to Succeed in Business…

In our 17 years in business, Kolbeco has worked with a number of companies, big and small. Through all of that we have found some common themes and attitudes among the most successful.

  1. They mess up. A lot. Everyone makes mistakes, but the successful business people seem to accept the mistake and move on. They don’t fret over the expense, or even potentially the embarrassment. They chalk it up to trying something new, and laugh about the outcome.
  2. They are not afraid to experiment. Those who are successful commit themselves to being open to new ideas. They don’t worry about having every detail ironed out, but rather opt for putting something in motion rather than waiting for perfection. They follow their gut.
  3. They always look for a better way to do things. Once they spot it they jump on it without hesitation or second guessing.
  4. They never stop thinking about their business. In every book they read, every television show they watch, every interaction, and every experience they have, they’re looking for relevant nuggets to apply to their business.
  5. They develop thick skin pretty quickly. Even if they didn’t start with one, they learn they need a thick skin to survive. That’s because once they start experiencing success, people start criticizing them pretty quickly.
  6. They have a clear vision. While it is typically not formatted into a formal business plan, the successful are super clear about what their brand is and where it is going.
  7. They avoid gimmicks and quick fads. They are more in tune with trends and build their business around what’s most applicable to their business. They’re not shaken off course by the latest fad in business or marketing.
  8. They work their butts off. These are people who work a ton, but really don’t look like they’re working. They love what they do so much they are genuinely having fun.
  9. They are down to earth. They are often the first to help someone else and expect nothing in return.
  10. They focus on company culture. They work hard to build and define culture, practice that culture every day, and build a team that supports their vision.

In the end it comes down to hard work and a strong vision and an unwavering belief in what they do. If you want to start a business and you have these thoughts in place, we say go for it.

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