The Anti-Template for Social Media Success

I live my life according to George Costanza – always have, always will. I have a strong affinity for quality architecture, obese wallets and the occasional éclair bar. Also, just like George, I believe in bucking social trends such as spending two months pay on an engagement ring. Who in the heck came up with this rule?

I also believe in carving out unique social paths for my clients. Often times, businesses will want their social media identity to resemble a famous brand such as Blendtec or Old Spice. The problem is these brands don’t follow a preordained success template. They devise a strategy that not only aligns with the core messaging, but makes the brand stand out.

I am not suggesting that we should ignore the successes of said brands. But true inspiration comes from within. To help businesses find their place in the social space, we kickoff meetings with appreciative inquiry, challenging clients to dig down and find true purpose.

Sure, you can load up your HootSuite on Monday morning with pre-written content, but what are you going to say? Can you think of, right now, a week’s worth of content that will engage an audience and align with your brand?

This how we tackle social media at Kolbeco:

  • Discover: By uncovering what matters the most to YOU, we are able to design a strategy that will…

a.    Allow your brand to shine
b.    Make your message more impactful

  • Why: What makes your brand different? Why should anyone care? Having a clear answer to both of these questions will allow us to create a strategy that is wholly unique to your brand.
  • Design: Once we unearth your true purpose, we will then design and implement your custom social strategy.

The success of any social media campaign rests on your willingness to channel your inner Costanza and do what truly feels natural and purposeful.

Think: Old Spice. Its social campaign is so much more than funny videos and taglines—it is about standing up for what you believe in. That is true success.