The Lost Art of a Thank You Note

Did you know today is National Thank You Note Day?


Yeah… Neither did I! But apparently it is – and it makes me think – when was the last time I received a bona fide, real-deal thank you note? I really think they’re a lost art. So much so, that the simple act of sending one can leave a lasting impression on the recipient!

We live in a world of electronic media. eBlasts, eNewsletters, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail – they’re all wonderful forms of communication that quickly and efficiently deliver your message. But what about the personal touch? Sincerity can be lost when keys, clicks and send buttons are involved.

As we roll into 2013 I challenge you to send one Thank You note a month… minimum! And no – thank you emails do NOT count. They have to be true cards – signed, sealed, delivered! You just might be shocked at how much a person appreciates a hand-written note of thanks.

In our fast-paced lives, it’s all too easy to lose sight of a personal touch. So the next time you’re feeling thankful, don’t click send! Slap a stamp on your appreciation and drop it in the mail!

You’ll thank me for it…