Vote Kiener!

I have never put much stock into these “Best Agency ___” contests. Not only are most of them super lame, they never reflect the sole reason you even exist—your work! Now with that being said, I believe there is an exception to every rule… and I have I found one.

The Agency Post, an online publication for marketing professionals, recently announced they were in search of THE best agency dog in—get this—the world! So, being the dog lovers we are I thought: where do we sign up! The only issue now was… who do we choose?

After many sleepless nights, and a few romps with the hounds we were able to make our decision… Kiener Celuch! Kiener, a 3-year-old terrier mix, joined the Kolbeco Board of Dogrectors two years ago after our very own Erin Celuch adopted him from Stray Rescue.

When we first met Kiener, he was in pretty bad shape. He had a broken hip and femur, and cornea damage in both eyes due to blunt force trauma to the face. But you know what? He was always happy. To me, this is what makes dogs so special. No matter how badly they have been abused or neglected they never lose the ability to love!

How can you make Kiener top dog? Simply click on the provided link below and LIKE Kiener’s picture on The Agency Post Facebook page. Voting ends on July 6TH, so you must hurry! Vote here!