What’s in a Name: The ActOn Dentistry Story

“I want to show people that dental implants don’t have to be outside their reach. Implants can be accessible to more people. I’m going to make that happen by doing it differently than it’s been done in the past.”

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Sample ad for ActOn Implants, with imagery and messaging that inspires the audience.

This was the vision, and the sentiment that Dr. Matt Slaven came to Kolbeco with. At the time, he was introducing a new way to approach dental implants, using the same high quality implants used by the dental industry, but offering them at a cost that was much lower than you’d find anywhere else.

Once he laid out the vision, the Kolbeco team went to work to determine the best course of action. We knew that we could create a great brand around this – one that would be memorable, meaningful, and inspirational to the audience. We also had to keep in mind that the audience was made up of both end users and referring dentists, so any name, identity materials, and brand messaging needed to be applicable to both. We recommended this to Dr. Slaven, and he agreed that there was great potential for establishing a brand.

As is the case with all naming and branding campaigns, we created three families of names, each of which evoke a different feeling. The family that spoke to Dr. Slaven immediately was the one we called “Just Do It.” It’s a famous phrase that motivates, inspires you to believe you can accomplish what you set out to do, creates a sense of progress, and a feeling that there’s something better on the other side.

Now that’s not something you think about dental care every day, is it? Well, that was the point. What Dr. Slaven was creating was a new way to provide implants.

While we presented many options within the “Just Do It” family, the name he settled on very quickly was ActOn Implants. He connected with the action and inspiration associated with the idea that patients CAN ActOn these implants.

We went on to create identity materials, core messaging, and began building a strategy to roll out ActOn Implants to our dental referral sources in the St. Louis area. A new website was developed, collaterals were designed, and special educational events were held.

The campaign was successful, and within a year, Dr. Slaven was ready to brand his entire practice as ActOn Dentistry, home of ActOn Implants. He rolled out the new name and branding at his offices in Wentzville, MO and West St. Louis County in Ballwin. He recently completed construction on a new facility in Wentzville, where we’re looking forward to installing a great new ActOn Dentistry sign this fall. Stay tuned!

One final lesson … at the end of the day, the overall branding and campaign worked because Dr. Slaven was willing to do something different. He wasn’t married to tradition, and embraced finding a new way to serve his patients. He created a new market, and set himself apart in his industry.

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