Still Misfits After 15 Years: Kolbeco Named Winning Workplace by Small Business Monthly


The full-on sights and sounds (perhaps even smells) of our company culture drew the attention of St. Louis Small Business Monthly (SBM). This month features the St. Louis area’s Winning Workplaces, a small group of companies who have created happiness within their workplace. Julia Ogilvie, editor at SBM, describes the section as more than “just the best places to work.” The businesses in this section are a place “where the individuals working there are seen as much more than employees. And those individuals aren’t just happy at work. They are given chances to foster personal and business growth.”

For 15 years, our commitment to being a catalyst for confidence and shine begins internally. And that has created a culture in which we bring our full selves to work – dogs and all. Erin Celuch, our art director said in the feature: “What makes Kolbeco unique is our value of the individual – holistically. The leadership here inspires us to be the shapers of our own personal destiny.”

Our favorite moment was when she wrapped up our culture by saying, “You have to be a bit of a misfit to fit in here.”

Thanks, Erin. We are so proud of our isle of misfit marketers.

Read the full article HERE. Photos courtesy of Bill Sawalich, Barlow Productions.