Case Study: Antennas Direct

About Antennas Direct

In the early 2000s a man with a vision for better television began fashioning antennas in his garage. And that passion for full quality, over-the-air television is the driving force behind Antennas Direct, Fortune 5000 Hall of Fame business in St. Louis Missouri.

Marketing Challenge

Several years into the business, the company was looking for novel ways spread the gospel of free HD television. Even though more people are not subscribing to cable, few TV viewers know about over-the-air television.

Strategic Solution

Early on in the marketing process, Kolbeco and Antennas Direct started an aggressive PR campaign aimed at educating Americans about the virtues of broadcast television. This gathered a groundswell of support among consumers and industry partners.

Several years into the campaign, Kolbeco was instrumental in the development of nationwide media bus tours. With local broadcasting stations acting as partners, Antennas Direct’s tour bus does more than just give away free antennas. They ensure the mission of the organization is realized – television viewers are liberated. TV lovers are educated and can make informed decisions on how they want to receive and watch their favorite shows.

The story has gathered vast earned media, live television coverage across the country. In 2014, the TV Liberation Bus Tour was launched with National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), and LG-Electronics. To date, thousands of antennas have been given to now-liberated viewers. And the project’s positive energy has translated into yet more media coverage.

In addition to the bus tours, Kolbeco acts as the strategic branding partner for Antennas Direct and leads in the production of creative content, editorial calendars, social media, communications and public relations.

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