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A Creativity Secret from Pinterest Fails and Bad First Dates

I love Pinterest. Love it. I can lose hours of my day on there. It is so addictive. From recipes of foods I’ll never eat, DIY projects I’ll never make (but insist I want to), fashions I can’t afford, amazing houses and furniture design that is too outrageous to even consider; it has taken days,…
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Social Media: 6 Hidden Pinterest Gems

When you first hear Pinterest, I can almost guarantee I know what pops into your mind. Wedding planning, recipes, fashion and home decor. Am I right? Well then, you’re not using Pinterest for everything this social media platform has to offer.

Pinterest Best Practices

If you live and breathe, chances are you’ve heard of Pinterest. According to Experian Hitwise, a tracking service for online trends, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site EVER. They launched in March 2010 and have been growing like wildfire ever since. Pinterest can be an amazing tool for promoting your business and gathering…
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Procrastination Has a New Name: Pinterest

Recently I’ve been pretty obsessed with Pinterest.