Procrastination Has a New Name: Pinterest

Rarely does a night go by that I don’t lie in bed, staring at my iPhone. It used to be Twitter that had my heart, but recently I’ve been pretty obsessed with Pinterest.

Pinterest is virtual bulletin boards where you can collect the things you love. Imagine if you had unlimited virtual cork boards separated by theme like style, home, food, anything really – and over time you could collect and “pin” items to these boards as you came across them on the internet. That is Pinterest.

Not only can you “pin” items you find or create, you can follow others and “repin” their items as well. Have a friend who has great personal style? Follow her boards. Covet someone’s interior design sense? Follow their boards and learn about their inspiration and aesthetic.

Pinterest obviously has some great business applications; everyone from wedding consultants to interior designers and photographers have boards where they pin their creations and allow others to repin them, socially spreading their goods.

And if all this great stuff wasn’t enough, I found a recipe for mini-lasagnas via Pinterest…if that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

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