Rousing Passions & Talents Leads to Five Years of Success

Working for a dog-friendly company definitely has its advantages. I mean how many people can say they get to bring their dogs to work daily. (Luckily I do). But another joy to working in an environment surrounded by dogs, is sharing that joy with people who are equally as caring and passionate about their livelihood and also want to make a difference in the community.

Not only am I an art director at Kolbeco, but I’ve also been a foster parent/volunteer with Stray Rescue of St. Louis since 2006. Stray Rescue takes in the abandoned and stray dogs of St. Louis, gets them healthy, and rehomed. I have fostered and adopted out over 30 dogs for the organization, and spend time working as a volunteer inside the Pine Street facility.

Since coming to Kolbeco, I have found joy in introducing other staff members to this organization, where they too find satisfaction – acting as foster parents, and becoming highly involved in the shelter’s hiking program.

But I had ambition to take it a step further. I had dreamt for years of starting a successful donation program. I wanted to provide a way to help the shelter fulfill depleting supplies, and financial donations to help cover rising medical expenses for the many sick and injured dogs being rescued. And what I discovered is when you put a talented group of creative dog lovers together you can do big things…and Frills Fur Furbabies was born.

The mission is to make a difference in the life of a homeless animal. And working as a team, Kolbeco has been able to raise the bar each year, successfully gaining more community support and additional donations in order to serve our visions, which are to:

  • Provide a method for all people of all financial backgrounds a way to give back to Stray Rescue of St. Louis.
  • Provide a unique opportunity for team building – and show off what Kolbeco can do collectively as an organization.
  • Save lives by raising much needed funds and replenishing much-needed supplies.

By pooling our creative talents in public relations, marketing, design, by fulfilling on our company mission to be a catalyst for confidence and shine, we have been able to also fulfill Frills’ mission of making a difference in the life of a homeless animal…5 years strong and still picking up speed.

To learn more about the Frills drive, and other programs, visit!

Now get out there and tackle something you dreamt of!