Marketing in St. Louis | Marketing to the Maybes

I recently facilitated a session at an Experts 4 Entrepreneurs half-day seminar on growing your business. While we all helped a lot of entrepreneurs with some great ideas from social media to setting up processes that day, one speaker in particular stood out. That was Tom Ruwitch, the founder of MarketVolt, a web-based email marketing software that helps businesses attract leads and grow sales.

Tom’s presentation was titled “Marketing to the Maybes”. There were three key points that I took away:

      1. Provide value. Don’t just pitch to maximize engagement.
      2. Give maybes a reason to raise their hands and connect.
      3. Deliver valuable content that reflects what you sell.

Below is the presentation, which may be a useful tool to reflect on when you feel that a marketing tactic isn’t working. The reason may be that you have exhausted all the people actively looking for your product or service (the low hanging fruit). Start thinking about how you engage the people that aren’t aware of your product or service. There are a lot more maybes than there are active buyers for many products and/or services, yet they’re not the focus of most marketing campaigns. This creates great opportunity for those who do. Engage the maybes and seize that opportunity.

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