Scarlett’s Summer Tips

As a dog who certainly enjoys the outdoors as well as the indoors, I’d like to pass along some tips for this summer so that my canine friends are not forgotten!


1. Flea, Tick, Parasite Preventatives!

According to my vet, the season of pooch pests started early this year and will be one of the worst ever. My caretaker takes precautions to ensure my health by keeping me on a heartworm preventative year-round called Interceptor. (She was told it covers more parasites than some others – I just know it tastes like beef!). However there are others available that do the trick: Heartgard, Advantage Plus Multi – including some more “green” options ( if you are so inclined. TALK TO YOUR VET!

Check your local pet boutiques (like or for ideas. Beware of no name brands…they are not the same thing! Bottom line: do your homework, and protect your dog. Year round heartworm preventatives are a must, and a flea/tick/parasite preventative is crucial in the hotter months (speak to your vet about what is best for your dog).

Erin fosters for Stray Rescue of St. Louis, so I have seen what can happen to unprotected dogs, and it isn’t fun or cheap for their owners.

Heartworm preventatives for me = $110 for a year supply….Heartworm TREATMENT = $2000 a pop! You do the math. I’m just a dog. They don’t make calculators big enough for my paws.


2. Keep me OUT OF THE HEAT!

Look, I enjoy basking in the sun on my recliner more than any of you, but we dogs have limits. It is hot as hell out there and that shaded spot in your yard you think will cool your canine companion is still 90 degrees out of the sun! So don’t leave your dog outside all day or even for more than 30 minutes in severe heat. Hello?! We are covered in hair???? YOU go outside in a fur coat and sit in the shade and tell me how good YOU feel.

And no, leaving them water doesn’t solve the problem either. Bring them in!

Stay tuned for more dog tips from me, the Queen “P” Scarlett O’Haira…

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