Generating Leads With Twitter

A common question I field from either clients or perspective clients is: “How can we mine leads through social media?” While social media marketing is often filled with trivial metrics such as “Likes” & “Follows” there is one metric that does matter: leads! If you aren’t increasing brand awareness, extending your reach and increasing sales, what is the point?

With all that being said, generating leads through social media is no easy task! It requires time, strategy and unity between the client and the agency. While it is possible to generate leads through any social outlet (blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), Twitter might just be the most effective tool.

Here are a few tips that will not only help you better utilize your company’s Twitter profile, but help you create a robust bottom line!

#1 Converse: Do not—I repeat—do not pump out marketing messages all day! No one wants to be force-fed a sales pitch. The hard sale does not work in the digital space. The 2012 consumer is looking for an industry resource—not a used car salesman!

#2 Monitor Keywords: A great way to find potential prospects is to monitor industry keywords as well as common questions attached to your business. This will allow you the opportunity to jump in on these conversations as soon as they arise.

#3 Share Blog: I don’t care what your line of work might be; your company should be blogging. According to HubSpot, businesses that blog have 102% more Twitter followers than non-bloggers! Why is this, you ask? Blogging gives your business the opportunity to share their expertise on a large scale, thus attracting more traffic.

If you would like to know more about how you can use Twitter as a lead generation tool, please feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to help!

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