Are Your Customers Committed? Try a Burrito Party.

We are all motivated by different things, big and small. That’s what makes the world go ‘round, right? That’s also what drives a big part of marketing; finding out what motivates people. I recently found out that motivation can start small but turn into a much larger, and deeper, commitment. A commitment to myself, to others or to a brand.

Me… I can be a simpleton. Catch me in the right mood and the promise of a free burrito is enough motivation for me. Bump that up to twenty free burritos and I was FULLY committed. Last summer, Chipotle debuted their Chiptopia rewards program between July and September. For every four burritos you ordered, you got one free one. Seems simple, right? Now, they took it up to the next level. If you order eleven burritos each month, you would get a free catering party for twenty people. That’s a pretty sweet deal! Now, did I really need free catering for twenty people… no. And did that matter… no. That was my goal and I was committed to achieving it.

July wasn’t a problem. Twelve burritos made easy lunches, I didn’t have to grocery shop or prepare anything to bring to work. August was a little bit harder, but I made it through, I saw that light (and by light, I mean burrito party) at the end of the tunnel. Come September… I was ready for a plain old bologna sandwich. But I was SO close! With a little help from the Kolbeco team picking up a burrito here and there for me and some motivation along the lines of, “come on, Angela! Just three more burrito bowls, you can do it!”, we made it. It was a strange commitment, but I followed through and was able to reap the rewards. In the end, it paid off in the form of a Chipotle catered St. Patrick’s Day party for twenty friends and family members.

Think of the loyalty programs you might have seen or even might currently be a member of. What about those programs stood out to you and gained your attention, motivated you and kept you loyal? Getting creative and coming up with programs that your customers WANT is the key. Free food was a driving factor for me. Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going. It worked for me, so what works for your audience? How can you get them committed to your brand? It’s not always as simple as a free lunch. It could be extended support hours, personalized customer service or a superior product. Now’s the time to find out. Now’s the time to motivate and engage them!

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