Cutting Corners = Cutting Business

I really want to make this short and sweet, but we will see how this goes…

I’m never shocked in this day and age, when clients are looking for inexpensive ways to market themselves. The economy has been a rollercoaster ride for us all. However, I am shocked when I see businesses choosing not to explore their options and forfeit putting a better foot forward to benefit themselves when cutting corners. erin

Guys! Your business card, letterhead, direct mail cards are representative of, well, you. They are your “face.” Your calling card. So when I see a business card that someone printed off their inkjet—perforated edges end up in my hand—I cringe. Is it representative of the work you do? Are you careless? Do you provide sloppy service? Do I want to spend my money with you, send business your way…?

Now I know some of you want to reach through the computer screen and slap me. “I don’t have money to waste on printing cards.”

Okay, I get that we designers can get carried away. We have dreams of presses, die cuts, crazy materials, and metallic inks, but hey – WE GET IT! And we can HELP you get what you need to get the business you want. There are many alternatives these days, and dare I say it, even online printers who print SUPER cheap. Printkick is a UK supplier and a quick look at their offers will calm anyone down. Yes it is possible there’s no reason to print your own branding with an inkjet.

So before you DIY, here’s an FYI…you have options. Just ask!