The Proof is in the Proofing

Today’s lesson is: proofing. It’s a fast-paced world and people are always on the move – and wanting things, well, yesterday. We St. Louis agency folks are always striving to do our best to provide a product that is awesome, gives you confidence, and is done in a timely fashion. But I cannot stress the importance of PROOFING. Everyone! Staffers, clients—I’m talking to YOU! PR St. Louis

While I pride myself on quality work, I am only human. Spell-check is not fool-proof (there, their, they’re), and I don’t always know that you wanted to use the 1-800 number as opposed to your local one. Projects are ultimately a team effort between the client, and the agency staff working on the project. It is important when receiving a proof to SLOW DOWN, and really take the necessary time to read through it carefully. Resist the urge to just look at it and say: “Wow this looks cool.”  (Although I’m happy you think so.)

Often times, parties are in a rush or working on something else so they simply glance at it and say: “Ok, it looks good.” As time passes, they then realize after looking at it a second time (4 hours later, or the next day even) that there is something missing.  By this time, I have possibly already sent this “approved” art to the printer, thus costing you time and money.

Scenario #2 is: “Okay I have one edit, and then we are good.” Fast forward two hours later: “I have another change.” The next day: “I don’t like paragraph 3.” While I’m happy to fulfill your editing wishes, you may have cost yourself valuable time and money by not simply taking the appropriate time to sit down with your proof and read through it thoroughly.

Proofing is time and money – for both the agency and the client. For a St. Louis marketing firm, it is losing money on the time used making countless edits beyond the scope of the project. And for the client, it could mean an additional charge on their bill depending on what kind of billing agreement was in place.


So save time, save money, save sanity and… proof it!