Memory…All alone in the Moonlight…: 2016 Reflection

It’s fair to say that the Kolbeco team resides in a realm of organized chaos. This past year proved to be no different for members of the agency with new clients, new employees and new dogs. There are times when things get ruff around the office, no pun intended, but these creatives always manage to align their convictions at their client’s convenience and benefit. As the company continues to progress towards the new year, it’s only right that the team reflects on some of their finest moments from the year.


There are three special moments that have stuck out to me this year:

  • The 3rd annual Honduran Street Party Run at Streets of St. Charles – it’s been so much fun to see runners and volunteers come back year after year. It was also so exciting to welcome back Dottie Gray, who is in her 90s, and who was recently profiled on the CBS Sunday Morning show for her success as a senior athlete. She has run the Street Party Run every year, and we’re planning to add a 90+ award just for her next year.
  • Working on the branding, graphic design, signage and events for the Lofts @ Euclid. It was amazing to see this historic property brought back to life and being enjoyed by a new generation of Central West End dwellers.
  • Participating in my first organized group bike ride, Trailnet’s Spring Chicken Ride back in April. I typically don’t do what I call “organized fun” and opt for doing things on my own time and pace. But I had a ball doing this ride and will do it again next year!


My favorite client moment would have to be watching see their products take off by working hard and sticking with the plan and system we had in place. Many of them really overcame obstacles in their mind, took big chances and it really paid big dividends. This was great to see and be a part of. My personal moment would have to be completing my best season of triathlons in 2016! Triathlon is a complex sport that takes a lot mentally and physically. But it can be, and is, really rewarding. You will make some amazing friends along the way and learn a lot about yourself.



My favorite memory was seeing the Euclid property marketing and branding materials come together and being able to see the progress on the building happen simultaneously. It was a fun project and it was truly a team effort. Seeing how we were all able to contribute and work together as a team to create some awesome marketing material for the Euclid property was a great experience.


This has been a wild and crazy year for me, between selling my house, buying and moving into a new home and a hectic work load, I wouldn’t change any of it. The highlight of my year would have to be going on the Antennas Direct Bus Tour. I know, I know, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that by now, but it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I was able to travel to places I’ve never been and spend off time exploring New York and the Biltmore Mansion. And let me just say, if you’ve never been to New York, you want your first time to be with Dan Duffy, Richard Schneider and a cowboy who is scared of the city. It was truly a whirlwind two weeks, but I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced it with some awesome people.


I’ve had a few shiny moments this year, but I would have to say my best moment was coming onboard with Kolbeco. There’s no denying that I run off of passion, and I have to exercise my gift daily. When the account coordinator role was extended to me there was no way I was turning it down. After being underemployed for so long and freelancing without much pay, I realized how much I loved what I do. Although money is a very important component in life, I learned to be happy with what I had. Knowing that I could create opportunity for myself was definitely an eye-opener. The only thing I had to hold on to was my writing, and the capacity I had to exercise my talents wasn’t utilized to its full potential. Since working here, I’ve had the opportunity to put my hands in everything and it feels great!

Aside from that, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers. In the past couple of months, modeling has been a great outlet for me to exercise self-expression and gain experience. Oh, yeah, and I got discovered by a modeling scout! It was a pretty awesome year.

Other favorites moments:

  • Beyoncé released Lemonade
  • Solange released A Seat at The Table
  • James Charles became the first male spokesmodel for CoverGirl
  • Viola Davis made history by becoming the first black woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Drama for her work on How to Get Away with Murder
  • I shaved my head
  • All of my friend’s rock, and I don’t know what I would do without them
  • I Love my family
  • I really could go on if I wanted


My favorite memory is swimming turtles over the summer. We took the kids to the beach and found a group of them hanging out a few hundred feet from the shore. Both of the kids thought it was awesome. I thought it was pretty cool until other people started throwing them bananas. A note to the wise…..if you are feeding bananas to a turtle, make sure you aren’t in the middle of the ocean with a giant yellow pool noodle helping you stay afloat. A giant sea turtle doesn’t look so docile when it is trying to eat your life saving device. I may have screamed a little, but the kids laughed a lot! It’s a memory I will never forget.

Get your champagne glasses out and let’s get the countdown rolling with new and exciting memories. As we enjoy our last hours in 2016, the Kolbeco team wishes you a year full of excitement as we approach the New Year.

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