PR Driving Rams Coaching Negotiations

The St. Louis Rams are once again fishing for a head coach and there is no bigger catch than former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher. (pun intended) The woeful Rams have been playing their cards correctly up to this point, being described by nearly every media outlet as the favorite to land the coveted coach.

Everything seemed to be falling into place, the stars were coming into alignment….but then.…da da daaa Yahoo Sports reported that Fisher was leaning towards the Miami Dolphins! And even worse, he wasn’t sold on franchise quarterback Sam Bradford. You could almost hear the red alert being issued at Rams Park.

The ensuing buzz of media chatter was deafening and suddenly Fisher was holding all the cards in this high stakes game. But how did this all happen? Things were looking up for our Rams!

There are only two words to describe what happened, public relations. It seems that the crafty old coach was able to flip the script on the Rams by utilizing a trusted “confidant” at Yahoo. In the end, it came down to Fisher leveraging a key media relationship.

As of today, it appears that Fisher will be promised the moon and the stars, not to mention a mega coaching contract, from not one but two teams. That is the power of PR and its ability to change the entire conversation. It will be interesting to see how the Rams respond. Will they also be able change public opinion by pulling an ace out of their own sleeve?

Only time will tell. Go Rams!

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