Social Media Helps Find a Lake St. Louis Dog

Question: So what happens when you have a culture at Kolbeco that really embraces helping dogs in need?

Answer: People ask for help when their dogs are lost.

A friend of ours called Saturday afternoon, very worried because his son had lost his dog, Bailey, at nearby Quail Ridge Park in Wentzville. Knowing how involved we are with dog and rescue groups, he asked: “Can you help?”  I immediately said that we would, and asked what he would like us to do.  He asked if we could share a picture and his phone number with our dog friends.

We knew where to take this request – social media.

We uploaded the picture in this post and started sharing it on some private and public Facebook Dog Rescue Groups, as well as our own Facebook profiles. We also put out some pleas for help on Twitter.

Within a couple hours the picture had been shared at over 50 sites and profiles in the St. Louis metro area. As of Saturday at 5 PM we had people searching the area.

Most of the people we have never met, but they saw the pleas and were concerned about this lost dog, and set out to help find poor Bailey. By Sunday morning, I received a message on Facebook from someone that I went to high school with. She had seen Bailey in her neighborhood! Around noon Sunday, we received the call we had all been waiting for – Bailey was home! Our friend was very thankful to us, and grateful to our amazing network of dog loving friends. Well, at Kolbeco we do have some amazing social media friends, but we also know how to get the message out quickly through social media.

So the job was not over yet. We then went back to everyone that helped us spread the word and thanked them for their help. We had to let them know that Bailey had been found. We all celebrated together, online, at the very happy ending for for a dog that wandered over 4 miles away.