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7 Character Traits That Make a Website the Date from Hell

Before the food arrives, you are ready to ask for the check. That is because this guy that your friends said was “perfect for you” is actually not at all. And not just based on shallow criteria. He interrupts. He boasts and overshares. And he hasn’t asked you one question since you sat down.

I Led My Company Astray. And Was Rewarded for It

Even before I started working here, KolbeCo was a company that strayed away from a need to conform. But what they didn’t know after I started is that I would redefine the word “stray.” And that this new definition would have a huge impact on the company culture.

9 Things They Don’t Teach You in a Marketing Class

It’s a proud moment. You stand with your parents, sweating in the summer heat with your degree in hand. You are ready to conquer the world. Those marketing classes prepared you for the real workplace, right?

But Social Media Just Doesn’t Work for My Business

Working for a domestic violence shelter was a learning experience; not just for myself as a social media and PR intern, but for the shelter as well. Lydia’s House is the only program in the St. Louis area providing confidentially located, stationary transitional housing for victims of domestic violence and their children. The mission is…
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Your Best Marketing Has Nothing to do with Marketing

Our first meeting started with “I really don’t understand marketing, or what you do. I’m here because others are telling me I need to ramp up my efforts. I’m not even sure I need to be doing this.”

Is Advertising Misunderstood?

I was talking with a client the other day about his advertising campaigns when a very interesting comment came up. My client told me that one of his customers had said something along the lines of “Well, I guess I don’t need me to refer any business your way.  Looks like you’re doing pretty well…
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Experience is Everything

As Joseph Pine and James Gilmore said in their 1998 book, The Experience Economy, “Work is theater and every business is a stage.” It’s something every business should take to heart, and it’s something that we always stress in branding campaigns. The experience is your brand. With this in mind, I’d like to share a…
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The Professional Business Card

I want to address the “business card”. Recently, a card was handed to me that literally made me pause for a second after the guy left (a guy who, like so many others, ignored the non-solicitation sign in our front window).

Kolbeco Wins Four 2011 MarCom Awards

November 7, 2011, St. Louis – For the fourth year in a row, Kolbeco has been honored with several MarCom Awards for marketing and public relations initiatives over the past year. The international competition, which recognizes outstanding creative achievement by marketing and communications professionals, included over 6000 entries from corporate marketing departments, advertising agencies, PR…
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Strategy Matters

It’s a word that’s thrown around a lot. It’s often misunderstood, and it’s sometimes feared. But it can, and should be your best friend. What is that word, you ask? It’s STRATEGY, my friends! Strategy matters. It should always come first, and should always be present in every communication decision and tactic you consider. Without…
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