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The Fastest Way to Kill Your Brand

I don’t know what it is like at the Volkswagen offices as of late. But it must smell a lot like a funeral. A few weeks back, the news broke that VW had purposely tried to defraud their customers and governments with the environmental claims of some of their vehicles. Then they lied about doing…
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What We Learned From Our Summer Adventures

With back-to-school photos clogging up Facebook feeds nationwide, it is indeed official. Summer is over. For each of us here at Kolbeco, the past few months have been eventful – vacations, home purchases, creative projects, poor eating habits and long distance races peppered our summer months. But all of these adventures had one thing in…
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Is Ironman an Ironbrand?

What do you think of when you hear the term “Ironman?” Personally, I didn’t used to have a very favorable impression of Ironman. After all, I saw their name on cheap sunglasses and watches at discount retailers, and even saw them associated with earbuds (which, by the way, you aren’t allowed to use in an…
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Top 5 Marketing Pet Peeves

It was a great product. I had used it for years. It kept my crazy hair smooth and smelled good too. At the store, I always knew where my beloved big orange bottle of shampoo would be. Then one day, the unthinkable happened. They changed the packaging! I knew the brand, but didn’t know what…
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Kolbeco’s Jeremy Nulik to Host AMA-St. Louis Conference Feb. 20

Make 2015 the year your marketing goes beast mode and attend the 54th Annual AMA Conference at the St. Louis Zoo on February 20. Our own Jeremy Nulik will be acting as Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Vanilla Ice: Elevator Speech Expert

The three steps to more effective networking come from none other than Vanilla Ice: Stop. Collaborate and listen.

How Far Can You Push Your Creative?

How far could our creative team go to give people a chuckle? How far would the client be willing to go?

The Best Ads of 2014

In the Golden Age of advertising, you could simply stress the benefits and features of a product to get a sale. In today’s modern advertising world, it’s important to appeal to the customer in some way to get their attention, whether that is humor, emotion, shock and awe or by humanizing the brand. All of the ads the KolbeCo team have chosen create a narrative that compels you to feel something; they all have a bigger purpose than sales.

3 Ways to Control Your Email Marketing Destiny

So many factors contribute to the success of email marketing campaigns. Some are not in your control, but here are some secrets to help you maximize the effectiveness of the things you can control.

But the Phone is Not Ringing

Pageviews are sales leads. There is a human on the other side of that click, and your ability to engage that person in a meaningful way is the full measure the success of your marketing efforts. They may not pick up the phone and call, but they did not wonder onto your site without some degree of interest.