Why Ambassadors Are The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Ambassadors are the best. I love them, and if you know what’s good for you, you should too. I wrote a blog in April 2015 (OMG I can’t believe it’s been 2 years!) about the power of ambassadors and brand advocates. Two years later I can say that this still rings true, now more than ever.

A couple years ago we created an ambassador program for a client, a raving group of fans who are passionate about their products and are ready to share their love with the world. Over time, we continue to research and add new people to this program, sending them products to test out and review, shirts to wear around town promoting the brand and friendly holiday gifts to remind them that they are loved. This does not cost our client very much at all, and in return they receive free publicity, reviews and passionate advocates out in the world promoting their brand.

An ambassador program is a win-win all around, and we know we can go to this group at any time. When we have news we want to share, we can go to these ambassadors to spread the information. New products? They are the first to review and give us their honest feedback. Looking for advice? They are happy to share with us. Ambassadors are low maintenance, like a cactus. You don’t need to follow up with them constantly or worry that you will lose their love or attention. They are there when you need them, and because they respect you (and you respect them) they are happy to talk you up to all their friends and family-  in real life, on social media, on their website, dating sites, bird watching forums and more. Ambassadors make my heart happy and in my mind, if you’re a brand looking for some publicity, why not invest in ambassadors?

Not only do I love Ambassadors from a marketing/PR/behind the scenes perspective, but I personally am an ambassador for the MO’Cowbell run in St. Charles, MO, and can say from my perspective that it’s an awesome experience. You feel like your voice is heard and you have a part in supporting an organization or brand that you respect, enjoy and feel passionate about. Of course you get some swag and cool perks, but for me, the true reward is seeing my feedback being recognized, taken into consideration and truly respected by the group. You are a PART of it, you can voice your concerns, help to make decisions and see it through to the end (which in my case is race day). “Hey look at that sweatshirt! I helped to design it!” It makes this gal feel like a pretty cool chick.

Now it’s time for me to challenge you. Go through your emails, Facebook comments, reviews on your website or talk to you customer service. Pull a list of customers who have given you good ratings, have messaged you to thank you or tell you how much they love your product or have recommended you to a friend. Look at that, you now have a list of ambassadors! Reach out to them, thank them for their support. Maybe offer them a free product or service in exchange for becoming a brand ambassador. The cost to you is little-to-none, and you’ve built a strong relationship with a customer who will now market for you, free of charge.

Give it a shot, reach out to just a few customers to start you’ll have walking billboards promoting your brand. You can’t go wrong!

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