Make Everyone Feel Important: What We Learned from Virginia Kerr

Some big changes happened in 2014 regarding St. Louis media. And one of the biggest moves that we know will affect us here at Kolbeco is Virginia Kerr’s decision to leave Great Day St. Louis. Over the past years, we have gotten to know Virginia as more than an excellent journalist. It turns out the Alabama transplant (and die-hard Crimson Tide fan) is a great human being.

With her transitioning, we put our heads together to think back on some of our favorite moments with Virginia – all of them fell into the same theme.

Simply put: Virginia makes every person she meets feel like the most important, interesting person in world (even if that is for just a moment).

We watched her do this time and again for our clients, friends and for us personally. Here are a few of our best memories:

Virgina Kerr and David Young of The Sound Room

Virgina Kerr and David Young of The Sound Room

  1. Her ability to not take herself so seriously.

Virginia Kerr interviewed David Young at The Sound Room earlier this year. And, though she didn’t need to admit this to anyone, she did not know David was the owner. By never being afraid to be who she is, she allowed others to feel at-ease. And this lead to consistently great television and news coverage.


  1. Willingness to avail herself to the needs of strangers.
Virginia Kerr Grow Panel

Virginia Kerr at the GROW Media Panel

Kolbeco put together a panel of media experts in print, radio and television for a local conference on Cause Marketing. At the time, Virginia was the morning show anchor on Channel 4. Anchors are busy people with packed schedules in high demand. But, even though she was pregnant, Virginia was generous with her talent and insights for the sake of strangers.

  1. Not afraid to show her humanity.

For most journalists, being the subject of the interview – especially in your home – would be too invasive. But Virginia was always willing to welcome us into her life no matter how intimate that was.

This outlook on life and her professional abilities inspired her latest venture. Her upbeat and open approach to interviewing and reporting will create bigger and better things. We are excited to see what she does next and know she has great things in store.

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