Kolbeco RAPIDFIRE: Danieal Broz

At Kolbeco, our humans are who make us so wonderful. None of us are exactly alike, you certainly won’t find any carbon copy employees here. Our personalities, interests, hobbies and skills all vary, and that’s what makes us a truly unique bunch. What we all do have in common is our passion for our creating a powerful story that has the ability to create confidence and shine for brands.

You might have been working with the Kolbeco team for years, but do you really know who you’re working with? We think it’s time to get to know us, this crazy crew of misfits, and therefore, we are starting monthly Employee Spotlight RAPIDFIRE Blogs.

For this first RAPIDFIRE, we wanted to highlight a very special lady who is celebrating her 10 year anniversary at Kolbeco. That’s right, Danieal Broz has been with us for a decade! Danieal Broz is a web developer, WordPress Strategist, herder of office personalities and the ultimate house mom.

And without further ado, onto the RAPIDFIRE Q&A with Danieal!

What inspires you to work with clients, what have you learned from clients?  

I am inspired by a clients passion for their business and brand. It’s also inspiring to see their willingness to collaborate with our team to achieve the best outcome for a project and when they are excited about a project.

Secret skill or talent? Share with the class.  

I am handy with power tools. I am a painter.  You can call me Miss Fix-It.

The secret to YOUR happiness is:   

Taking time for myself every now and then. I give myself the luxury of bi-weekly pedicures no matter what. Treat yourself, you deserve it and it’s the perfect time to decompress.

What would be your superpower? 

Ability to fly –  so I can get where I want to quickly or get away on a whim.

What did you want to be growing up?

A singer or a race car driver. Anyone who has heard me sing or has been in the car with me might be laughing at the screen right now!

What’s your guilty pleasure?  

Any flavor cheesecake.

What do you need for survival?  

Coffee   😉

What was the last TV show you binged?   

Madam Secretary.

Describe your dream vacation:  

A villa in Fiji over the ocean, I am happiest near water and in the sunshine.

Celebrity crush:  

Matt Damon

Favorite quote: 

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
~ Ferris Bueller

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? 

Lion:  they are protective, brave and they are pack animals. I am also a Leo so it’s a natural fit!

It’s a Saturday. Where can we find you? 

At home cleaning. I know, I’m a party animal.

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