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Using Social Media to Market Your Events

There’s no disputing it. Social media has taken the world by storm! The masses have taken to posting, sharing, tweeting and retweeting – from what they had for breakfast to some of life’s biggest moments, people live (and plan) their days through social media. As companies flock to social media outlets, there’s a growing trend…
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Pinterest Best Practices

If you live and breathe, chances are you’ve heard of Pinterest. According to Experian Hitwise, a tracking service for online trends, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site EVER. They launched in March 2010 and have been growing like wildfire ever since. Pinterest can be an amazing tool for promoting your business and gathering…
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Don’t Believe the Likes

Do you know what I really hate? Regional accents? Mayo? Windows Vista? The word “Fiancé”? Well, of course I hate all those things, who doesn’t? However, there is something I hate even more: people that measure social media by “Likes” and “Follows”. Since the dawn of Facebook marketing, every social media “expert”, “ninja” and “guru”…
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The Power of YouTube

YouTube is so much more than a video hosting site—it’s a virtual storybook. A place where businesses can share their stories and highlight what makes them unique.

Wasted Space

It always amazes me that many of us don’t utilize the space we are given when setting up our images on our Facebook pages,

Procrastination Has a New Name: Pinterest

Recently I’ve been pretty obsessed with Pinterest.