Darren’s Diary: Dude, Who’s the Influencer on Your Team?

Dear Diary,

Have you heard about the hottest trend in the marketing industry? Many companies are gaining confidence about using this strategy, but most have yet to explore it. Regardless, it’s continuously gaining popularity among consumers. What is this fascinating thing, Diary? It’s influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the action of promoting and selling of products or services by using key people, influencers, who actively engage with consumers to drive your brand’s message or campaign to a larger market. Rather than marketing directly to your target audience, you hire influential figures who have a high level of trust from their followers to get the word out.

Let’s not get confused with celebrity spokespersons or advertising models. Influencer campaigns are designed to engage with an existing community of loyal followers. Celebrity product endorsements are more about building name recognition for a particular brand to grab the attention of a mass audience.

Influencers are a bit more selective with their affiliations. After all, they have a brand and their followers expect certain things from them, whether it’s information or entertainment they’re delivering to their audience regularly. They partner with brands that can align with their messages to create an authentic experience. Because this isn’t an ad, you’re giving up some level of control to allow the influencer to tailor the message and experience. Ultimately, that’s the beauty of it.

Who are the influencers?

Although you may not be completely conscious of it, you see influencers every day. That’s right, it’s the people you follow on social media who extol the benefits of a specific product, similar to campaigns like these. Social media influencers typically create valued content that’s specific to share on various media channels. Think of them as power users who can help your customers get to know your brand. So yes, those are your famous vloggers, bloggers, television personalities and others.

Why you need influencers on your team

Many big brands (and some smaller ones) are embracing the value of engaging influencers as part of the overall marketing mix. Here’s why:

  • Reach Core Demographic

As a business owner, consider the audience you’re trying to reach and conduct proper research to determine which influential beings are catering to those consumers. Influencers make it easy for marketers to build connection with consumers in an authentic way with outreach tactics to larger social followings who respect and value the opinions of experts. By tracking the reach, impressions, engagement and other ROI metrics, you’ll find the influencer campaign will aid you in understanding your target needs and priorities.

  • Enhances Social Media Presence

We’re sure you’re doing great with your brand’s social strategy, but influencer marketing extends an opportunity to push those limits while reaching new markets! Many businesses utilize sponsored ads on social platforms to promote services and products. However, marketers in this field are able to reach social users with their own networks and inform them of your business profile and its offers.

  • Builds Customer Loyalty

Let’s talk relationships. Some social experts think the influencer trend isn’t effective and only provides short term solutions. However, I’d encourage you to view it a little differently. Potential consumers who are converted to a brand through an influencer trust the brand, and this increases the likelihood of them remaining loyal to your company. The influencers who have utilize the product or services, attract potential customers through their own experience.

If this is the move for you, be sure to focus on the message your audience would like to receive and the strengths of your influencer.

If you don’t take anything away from this, remember this – when searching for your influencer, the best way to find them is by thinking about whose voice you trust. If Diary convinced you of adding an influencer to the team, maybe you should consider hiring them.

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