Teamwork makes the dream work

I’ve only been a member of the Kolbeco Crew for about two months (You might wanna check with Erin Celuch to see if it’s official) and they’ve already let me in on ALL their secrets. I’m not talking about how Scott Kolbe keeps his boyish good looks.

No, I’m talking about our secrets to success. How do we consistently churn out strong, creative work that not only resonates with the target, but increases the brands’ reach? One word: cohesiveness. I know what you might be thinking: “Oh, wow, Cory. What a shocking revelation. Everyone’s success is contingent upon a team’s ability to work together.” Yes, and most of those teams creatively burn out over a period of time.  Why? Let me explain…

A brand is more powerful when it’s personal, right? When its message strikes an emotional chord with the target, it forges a lasting visceral bond that supersedes any tagline or logo. The same rule applies to building a strong team.

We’ve seen a slew of creative teams come and go in St. Louis and yet we’re still here. Why? Because our unit consists of not only creatively rad people, but people who share the same professional mission: help brands tell their story.  That’s what we do—tell stories. Whether it is through our whimsical words or our illustrious illustrations our marketing messages increase brands’ reach and show results!

If we all just clocked in and out every day and treated this job like nothing more than a paycheck, do you think we could do good work? For a while, yes, but creatively things would begin to sour over time.  We have found our best ideas come from the infusion of all our ideas. We all bring different skills to the table and when we put them together our productivity shoots through the roof.

I’ve worked on several great teams in my day, but I can say—without question—the Kolbeco Crew takes the cake. I can only imagine what the future holds.

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